4 Corporate Video-Making Tips From An Award-Winning Filmmaker

I HIGHLY recommend hiring professionals to shoot videos for any business. It’s well worth the money and not for just quality but also to save time and resources. So, I wrote this article not just for the DIY’er but also to educate anyone who wants to understand the core elements of any video.
1. FRAMING- When you set up a shot, frame your subject at eye level and center them horizontally in the frame. If you’re going to add text to your video, you may want to frame your subject to the left of the screen so that you have room for your text on the right side. Most importantly, do not put your subject’s head vertically in the center of the frame. The top of your subject’s head should be almost at the top edge of the frame. Don’t leave a big space between the top of your subject’s head and the top of the frame of your shot.
2. SOUND- This one gets overlooked the most. People get so caught up in the getting the visuals right that they totally skimp on the sound. Make sure that your sound is clear and as noise-free as possible. If you have to use the microphone mounted on your camera, then make sure that the camera is locked down and not moving around. Camera movement will cause additional, distracting, unwanted noise that can overpower what your subject is saying. I do, however, strongly recommend in investing in a microphone of some sort that you can use to get better sound. The most popular microphones for business videos are the small, pin-on lavaliere mics. These are attached directly to your subject’s clothing and can be used to capture nice, crisp sound. Finally, if your camera has a headphone jack, use a pair of headphones to monitor the sound as you record it to ensure that everything sounds great!
3. EDITING- OK, this one admittedly is a little tricky. Editing is an art all its own and really great editing takes practice and patience. However, editing on the computer has made the process easier for everyone and simplicity is the key. Always keep things SIMPLE. Editing is all about refining your video to get to the core message. Try to remove awkward gaps and pauses if you are able to. You should always refine things gradually and see how the video plays as you do. That’s what the editing process is about. It may take you a few tries, but you’ll begin to understand the rhythm and flow of editing as you do it.
4. TITLES- Keep your titles simple. Use BOLD colors and fonts that can be easily read. Don’t try to fill up the screen with a lot of text that will be impossible for someone to read. When you choose colors, use one that contrasts nicely with the background of the shot. And always try to keep your backgrounds simple for titles. The busier the background is, the more difficult it is to read the title.
These 4 tips are very basic but the basics are what make videos successful. In corporate video, the message is more important than the camera and editing tricks so these 4 elements are even more crucial. Contact us for more information.

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